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In many market conditions, ARM rates are often lower than fixed-rate mortgages, and for certain borrowers, ARM advantages more closely meet their needs. ARMs are best suited for borrowers who: Understand that their rate may increase after the initial period. Don’t anticipate holding on to the property for the full term of the mortgage.

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Mortgage terms are like most industry terms: confusing as heck if you're not in the biz. If you are like most Americans, you'll need to get a home.

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What Are Adjustable Rate Mortgages A fixed-rate mortgage carries the same interest rate throughout the life of the loan. An adjustable-rate mortgage has an introductory fixed-rate period, usually five, seven or 10 years. After that,

Arm’s Length Transaction: In an arm’s length transaction is a [transaction in which the buyers and sellers of a product act independently and have no relationship to each other. The concept of an.

Read our guide to find out how adjustable-rate mortgage (ARMs) work and. This long fixed interest term means you can save money through.

To determine adjustment terms, we recommend that you speak with a mortgage specialist to learn more. Together, you can walk through the current ARM rates.

DOS = due on sale during the entire term of the loan Assum = assumable during entire term of the loan See the . Glossary for additional details regarding these terms. 10. Convertibility – Convert (Y or N) – This column indicates whether or not the ARM has a feature allowing the adjustable rate to convert to a fixed interest rate.

The Credit Union offers 5-year adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) products to. 3.375% Initial Rate ( 3.500% Fully Indexed Rate) for 30-year terms with 80% or.

A 5 year ARM, also known as a 5/1 ARM, is a hybrid mortgage. A hybrid mortgage combines features from an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and a fixed mortgage. It begins with a fixed rate for a specified number of years, but then changes to an ARM with the rate changing every year for the rest of the term of the loan.

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